Are cats healers?

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As much as we want a feline friend that hovers around us all the time, we don’t want one that would disrupt our normal life. We value pets as much as we value our peace of mind. Yes, we can do with some inconvenience but not to the extent that it will completely alter our lifestyle. Pets can be demanding at times and it is quite hard to find a feline friend that is not too demanding.

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Cats are known to be royal-like creatures because of how demanding they tend to be. If they want to sleep and their owner is being too cuddly with them, it can make them scratch around and meow loudly signaling that they want to be left alone.  Similarly, when they want to eat and there is no food in their food bowl or even water, they can be seen meowing loudly. This habit of meowing loudly can disrupt the normal order of things in the owner’s house. This loud meowing can be even more annoying, when you are trying to get some sleep, or take a little break from the day’s activities.
Some cats almost seem to live by the slogan “when I want it I get it,” because it doesn’t matter what they want, the whole house is sure to know no peace till they get it. This high maintenance behavior they exhibit is the reason many pet enthusiasts reconsider getting a cat as a pet. However, this general knowledge about cats does not quite explain the behavior of Persian cats.

Persian cats are a unique breed that has been sought after by many feline lovers. Most people think they are in high demand only because of their beauty and exotic look. Although, this school of thought is not far from the truth, still, there are other reasons which quite overshadow their exotic look. Personality is a trait that is highly sought after in today’s world. No one wants a pet that comes with a headache. This is one of the reasons why Persian cats are one of the most loved breeds of cats. It is common for Persian cats to be submissive while still retaining their royal nature and their beauty. When they need food, they might meow just like other cats would do. However, there would be no persistence in their meowing. Much more like, “if you attend to me, I’m fine, if you don’t attend to me, I’m still fine.” This makes them the least demanding cats. About being demanding, they are not, which makes them easier to handle.

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Are Persian cats demanding?
Are Persian cats demanding?

Do Persian Cats Like To Be Held?

The first part of this article shows that Persian cats are not demanding in any way. Normally, cats like being held or petted when they want to be. When they are tired of petting they would not want to be touched at all. Some cats might claw at their owners if they are petted against their wishes, and some might bite. All in all, different actions are used by cats to show their distaste for the touch they receive from their owners. The actions differ as for the cat in question. Conversely, in Persian cats, there is no problem holding them for longer than normal, especially considering their great personalities. This is the reason they are considered as accessory animals by some people. 

It can be said that they are more social than other cat breeds. They do not care about their ME time; they would rather enjoy the company of their human companion. This behaviour they exhibit can make it be said that they like being held, while in all actuality, it is because of their less demanding nature. A healthy Persian cat would just go with the flow of whatever their human friend decides on. So, a Persian cat might enjoy being held, if its owner enjoys holding it. It would even purr to show approval of the owner holding it.

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Persian Cat Behaviour Problems

Just as a coin that has one side, also has another, so does every behaviour. Cats are known for many behavioural problems including scratching furniture, playing on everything when they are in the mood to play, and even jumping on tabletops. These are common problems in the behaviour of cats. The behavioural problems go as far as even being demanding and not wanting to be cuddled when their owner wants to cuddle. These are only a few of many cat problems. Sometimes, these behavioural problems can be dependent on the breed in question—breed-dependent behavior problems. Despite the peculiarity of the behavioral problems to the specific breeds, there are certain behaviour problems found in all breeds of cats. These behaviour problems found in all breeds are scratching furniture, playing on important furniture, and jumping on tabletops. These habits can be frustrating and annoying for feline owners, especially when what they destroy are prized possessions and could be worth a lot. Preparing dinner and keeping it on the dining table, and having your feline friend climb atop of it, to sniff, play, or probably prance around. It could be quite an upsetting sight to behold, and it could put any sane person off. Persian cats are no different when it comes to this behaviour. Well, let’s face it, they are also cats, so why should they be different? Despite the angelic and laid-back attitude that makes them wanted by all, they still can thrash around like others of their kind. They also have the tendency of being nice only to the people they feel like being nice to. They would not like to be held by any human they have not spent a considerable amount of time with, or even bonded with. Although they are sweet to their owners and are sweet to familiar faces, if they do not know you, they would be hostile. Their hostility is not shown in violence; it is shown in the coldness they show to the person they are not familiar with. This behaviour is also shown by other cats. Apart from this problem peculiar to all cats, they do not have any other problems with their behaviours.

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Persian Cat Behavior

Usually, cats are known to be proud, laid back, and demanding animals. Sometimes, cats are known to be social, whilst at other times, they are known to love their own time. In all honesty, they are not social, neither are they hostile or unfriendly. They only choose to do whatever they want to do; at the time they want to do it. They cannot be forced at anyone’s pace, they would rather do everything at their own pace. Almost all breeds of cats are like this, except the Persian breed. Persian cats would show their social side more often when they are with people they know. This is the reason that they make excellent pets in homes with already existing pets. 

Sometimes, Persian cats can be said to be lazy because of their laid back attitude, and in reality, they are. They are too lazy to cause any problems for their owners. Usually, cats complain by thrashing around, when they are groomed daily. Most breeds of cats never get used to daily grooming. On the other hand, Persian cats can be groomed daily and might get used to it. When they get used to daily grooming, they start enjoying the grooming process, which is quite a rare thing to find in cats. 

Another behaviour found in Persian cats is the love for familiar contact. When a Persian cat is familiar with a person, it would not mind being held by the person for hours. Sometimes, the contact might not be in holding, but it might just be close contact with their human. They also have quite passive behaviours for a cat. They would not attack for any reason, this is why they can be kept in homes, around any kind of person. They can also be kept around kids; they can play around kids too without scratching. However, just like other kittens and cats they also have their negative side, and they should not be left around children without supervision.

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Persian Cat Health Issues

Persian cats are beautiful with unique features of a flat face, with a nose that almost looks like it is drawn on their face, because of the flatness. In some Persian cats, they have very flattened noses, hence, that means they are at risk of respiratory problems. The respiratory problems include not being able to breathe properly, this obstruction in breathing is closely related to light snores found in some of them. The light snoring found in most of them is usually a sign of sleep apnoea. 

These are some signs that show that the Persian cat might need frequent medical check-ups with the doctor. Sometimes these respiratory problems progress and there is almost total obstruction of breathing, which could be a medical emergency. In some cases, this problem would require surgery in order to open the airway from the obstruction. The most important health issue a Persian cat might face is an issue relating to weight—obesity. 

Most cat owners feel it is good to feed the cat whenever it is hungry and treat them whenever they have done well. The habit of excessive treating and excessive feeding can lead to obesity, which is the underlying cause of so many other diseases. Sleep apnoea increases with increased weight, and so does cardiac myopathy, and other diseases. Maintaining a healthy cat weight can be very beneficial in sustaining a longer life for the cat. 

Certain illnesses happen to Persian cats that are hereditary and peculiar to only their breed. Kidney cysts are hereditary in Persian cats, this is the reason why regular screening at the vet is important, and it is also good to buy from a breeder that screens their animals. These kidney cysts can progress, get bigger, destroy the kidney and also cause complications for the liver. They are also at risk for progressive retinal atrophy, which leads to eye problems like not being able to produce the right amount of tears from the eyes, and subsequently, this can lead to blindness at an early age. 

Persian cats are also prone to different kinds of bladder infections. In Persian cats that do not have their teeth brushed, they can be prone to dental problems. Even with the ones that have their teeth brushed regularly, there is still a risk of the development of dental problems. Persian cats also have to be groomed daily to avoid tangling of their fur and avoid it being a breeding ground for various kinds of bacterial and fungal infections. Also, they are at risk for other normal cat diseases. In all, all these can be avoided with good grooming, maintaining a healthy weight, and also a trip to the vet at least three times a year.

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Do Persian Cats Get Bored?

Persian cats are cats after all, and just like other cats, they can get very bored easily. Do you wonder why your cat goes scratching around on the furniture, or climbing places it shouldn’t be at? Well, your cat is probably bored and wants to keep itself busy with something. This behaviour is also exhibited by Persian cats. 

A Persian cat would scratch at furniture and do things it’s not supposed to do when you leave it unattended. This behaviour is not just distasteful, it might be your cat looking for attention, and since you are probably too busy to give it attention, it busies itself by wreaking havoc in your home. Unlike other cats, Persian cats love more affection from their familiar person. So, if they are getting this attention, there would be no reason to do things they are not meant to do. If you are too busy to give them the attention they crave, getting them to play with toys can serve as a good substitute. The toy should be a toy that they can chase after so that they do not lose interest in playing with it. However, if you can give them lots of attention and toys because boredom could not only destroy your prized possession, it could also be detrimental to your cat. 

Boredom is one of the major causes of feline obesity. Since cats eat ten times or more in a day, taking each meal in small bites, when they are bored they tend to eat more bites at one time. Afterward, since everything bores them, they go to sleep. Sleep is one of the actions a cat takes when bored. That is to say, excess eating plus a sedentary lifestyle—excess sleeping, equals obesity. So yes, Persian cats get bored, but it is important to handle them in a way that they almost do not have the luxury to get bored.

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Are Persian Cats Loyal?

Persian cats are known to be explicitly social animals. However, their social nature only extends to familiar people. When they get familiar with a person or another animal, they would want to give affection and receive affection from that person only. It is in their nature to be nonchalant about people they don’t know very well. As familiarity increases between them and their owner, it is seen that the affection also increases. They would meow or even purr at their owner, to show their affection, while ignoring other people who are barely familiar to them. So, yes it can be said that Persian cats are loyal because they do not give this affection to just anyone but the people they adore.

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Persian Cat Food

Usually, people believe that giving cat milk would improve the total wellbeing of the cat by being an adequate source of protein for the cat. However, this thought should not be encouraged because some cats are lactose intolerant, just like we have humans that are lactose intolerant. Most pet owners see giving milk to their feline friends as a treat when it shouldn’t be. Persian cats can only drink milk when they have been tested to be free from lactose intolerance. If they are or aren’t lactose intolerant, they should eat more proteins to ensure their all-around health. These proteins are usually animal proteins. When buying cat food, it is important that the food is checked, and has a high level of protein, and normal levels of fats and carbs. They should not be made to eat only dry packaged or canned foods, they can also eat wet home-cooked meals. They can eat chicken, turkey, and fish when prepared. The home-cooked meals are not dry and can also give their body enough water to prevent polycystic kidney disease they are susceptible to.

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In conclusion, Persian cats are beautiful to look at and even more comfy to touch. Even so, their maintenance so that they live long healthy lives is more expensive than the average cat. To live happy and long lives, they have to be groomed daily and taken to the vet to make sure they are healthy. A good and healthy diet, plus a healthy physical routine is also important for their all-around health. 


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